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Welcome to Perimeter, a place for the business-minded, the creative collectives, the trendsetters, the homemakers, and the culture connoisseurs.  Exciting developments that boast a range of fresh retail units and impressive office spaces are on the horizon, allowing your business to thrive alongside the other 5,000+ companies at the heart of Perimeter’s community.


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Perimeter gives businesses room to elevate their space and provide the types of workplaces that attract and retain talent. Recruit easily from across metro Atlanta, whether you’re seeking young talent or experienced leaders. We hand you the tools so you can make light work of doing what you do best. From corporations to creative studios, homegrown startups to household names, we’ve got what you need to flourish.

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We’re more than a business district. Perimeter is home to fantastic restaurants to suit any craving, and hundreds of retail options for any mood. Be part of a community that provides you with it all and everything in between.


offer local and international restaurant concepts


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of bike lanes making it easy to get around

23 April, 2024

DeKalb Perimeter Community Improvement District, City of Dunwoody Announce Partnership to Enhance Public Safety

The DeKalb Perimeter Community Improvement Districts and City of Dunwoody have joined forces with the Dunwoody Police to implement advanced surveillance technology. Together, they're setting new standards for security and peace of mind in the community.

25 March, 2024

Perimeter Pursuit: Walk and Win With Local Scavenger Hunt

Perimeter Connects, the commuter and employer services program for the Perimeter district made possible by the Perimeter Community Improvement Districts (Perimeter CIDs), is kicking off a monthlong, community-wide walking scavenger hunt with a curious twist: a charming, 20-feet-wide, and 10-feet-tall inflatable goose.

25 March, 2024

A Step Above the Basics: Elevating Perimeter’s District Appeal with Exceptional Care

Property owners, city services for Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, and Brookhaven, along with the Perimeter Community Improvement Districts' (Perimeter CIDs), all play their part in cultivating an appealing district that stands out for its clean, well-ordered, and inviting atmosphere. Read on to learn about the day-by-day, block-by-block effort for a debris-free and beautiful Perimeter district.

21 November, 2023

How Perimeter Is Transforming into a Place Where Everything Works 

Already one of metro Atlanta’s largest and most established business districts, Perimeter is stepping into a new era. Plans long envisioned are falling into place, and whether you’re a business owner, visitor, or potential new resident, it's where you want to be.

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