2023 Community Survey

District Insights from the 2023 Perimeter Community Survey

Perimeter is more than just a business district; it’s a thriving community that attracts professionals, families, and visitors alike. To capture the essence of this dynamic neighborhood, Perimeter Connects, the transportation and commuting program of the Perimeter Community Improvement Districts, partnered with local organizations to conduct the 2023 Community Survey.

This recent survey, conducted earlier this spring, gave voice to the people who live, work, and enjoy life in our vibrant district. With over 2,400 participants, including employees from prominent organizations such as Cox Automotive, IHG, and T-Mobile USA, we gathered valuable insights that showcase what truly makes Perimeter special.

Discovering Perimeter’s Allure as a Place People Like to Live and Work

The survey unveiled the unique appeal of Perimeter. An overwhelming 88 percent of respondents described it as an outstanding place to call home, while 87 percent regarded it as an excellent place to work. Safety is paramount here, with 76 percent of respondents agreeing that Perimeter is a safe area.

While Perimeter boasts a diverse array of shopping destinations, the survey illuminated areas for improvement. Only 17 percent agreed that Perimeter offered abundant recreational options, and 35 percent believed there’s room to enhance walkability. These insights guide our efforts to make Perimeter an even more attractive destination.

Commuters to the District Are Embracing Sustainable Transportation

Perimeter is increasingly becoming a hub for sustainable commuting. The survey indicates a 10 percent uptick in the use of public transportation, cycling, and walking as viable alternatives to personal vehicles, bringing the percentage of commuters who drive alone down to 60.5 percent, a significant decrease from 78 percent in 2018 and 2019. This shift is not just environmentally responsible but also contributes to reduced traffic congestion.

With the diversification of commuting methods, it’s no surprise that commute times have seen notable improvement. Average commute times in the Perimeter District have decreased by 8 percent. This reduction offers employees more valuable time for personal pursuits and contributes to a less stressful work-life balance.

Delve deeper into the data and insights that shape our district, read more on the survey results from Perimeter Connects.

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