Perimeter Time Capsule: Three Catalytic Moments from Perimeter’s History

In Perimeter’s history, pivotal moments have shaped its vibrant character. From the quiet farmlands of yesteryears to the bustling Perimeter we cherish today, these transformative moments left an indelible mark on our community.

In this series, we explore three significant milestones that laid the foundation for Perimeter’s growth.

1. 1960 – The Hammond Exchange

The 1950s saw the rural lands surrounding Atlanta’s downtown core transform into suburbs. As more people started moving into the area, developers took notice. As a result, the first office building in the region, Hammond Exchange, was built in 1960. Hammond Exchange started the process of turning Perimeter into a commuter destination. 

Today, Perimeter’s office parks and high rises house hundreds of companies, including the headquarters of several well-known brands.

2. 1970 – The I-285/GA 400 Interchange

To accommodate the region’s growing population, construction for Interstate 285, a bypass that would circle the city of Atlanta, began in 1958. It was completed in 1970, initially with just two lanes in each direction. Nicknamed “the Perimeter,” I-285 simplified travel through Atlanta’s growing suburbs.

Just one year later, GA-400 was completed between Northridge Road and I-285, creating an interchange of two major highways in the region that would become Perimeter. This interchange would make Perimeter more accessible, and, in the process, help spur its growth.

Developers soon became interested in purchasing land near this new transportation hub, leading to the creation of some of the most well-known Perimeter locations. 

3. 1970-1971 – Northside Hospital and the Perimeter Mall

Among the most significant early developments in the Perimeter region was Northside Hospital, built in 1970. The construction of a major hospital led to the evolution of the “Pill Hill” district, the largest healthcare epicenter in the Atlanta region. 

Across I-285, another development ensured Perimeter would become a retail destination, too. The Perimeter Mall was completed in 1971, named after the interstate and in turn helping to name to the region around it. The mall became a well-known shopping center that still attracts many visitors today. 

Since the 1970s, development has grown exponentially, resulting in even more office, medical, and retail space in the region. Not only that, but Perimeter has become metro Atlanta’s most robust transportation hub, thanks to the southward expansion of GA-400 and the opening of multiple MARTA stations in the region.


Curious to explore more of Perimeter’s rich history and its journey from farmland to a bustling district? Visit our Perimeter Timecapsule Interactive Timeline to dive deeper into the stories that have shaped our vibrant community over the years. 

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Perimeter Time Capsule: Three Catalytic Moments from Perimeter’s History

Explore with us as we delve into three transformative events that ignited Perimeter’s evolution from rural lands to the thriving district we know today. Uncover the lesser-known stories behind the growth of our community.