People walking around mixed-use development Campus 244

Campus 244’s Revamp of ‘70s Building Hints at a Bold New Era for Atlanta’s Perimeter Office Scene

A new era of development is well underway in metro Atlanta’s largest office market, with Campus 244 standing as the latest proof of Perimeter’s evolution. This landmark project has just celebrated the completion of its first phase and has unveiled its second phase, breathing new life into the former Gold Kist headquarters, a site with over five decades of history, now reimagined into a 12-acre walkable campus. With 380,000 SF of office spaces, dining, retail and a boutique hotel, this development signifies a push toward a more integrated, high-density landscape that bridges the area’s rich history with its promising future.

The team at the Perimeter Community Improvement Districts recently took a hard-hat tour of the development. During the tour, we caught up with Campus 244’s developer Phil Mays, Principal at RocaPoint Partners, about the vision for the project. Read on to learn what’s setting this development apart in metro Atlanta’s office marketing + watch the video for a quick tour of the campus buildout.

Preserving History and Authenticity

In planning Campus 244, RocaPoint placed a high priority on minimizing environmental impact and crafting a distinct workplace where people want to spend time.  Rather than demolishing the Gold Kist building, they chose to preserve a slice of Perimeter’s history and repurpose the building.  

“As we started brainstorming about what to do with the building, we thought it would be best to save this little piece of history on the top-end Perimeter,” explained Mays. “We had such a good structure to start from that allows a lot of options with how we develop it…one of the best things was to do what might be the most interesting thing for people who might work there.”

For instance, the building’s existing concrete structure opened the door to inventive design solutions, including the integration of timber overbuilds and terraced outdoor spaces. This blend of modernity and preservation is what distinguishes it.

Perimeter’s Accessibility Completes the Work-Play-Stay Experience

Campus 244 leverages Perimeter’s accessibility and practical location to make good on its work-play-and-stay experience. The campus is located within easy reach of the Dunwoody MARTA station and right at the I-285/400 Interchange, providing straightforward access to all the amenities Campus 244 has to offer.

Creating a Vibrant Community Hub, From 9-to-5 and Beyond

One of the distinctive features of Campus 244 is its ability to cater to individuals beyond traditional working hours. With a curated mix of dining options and inviting spaces to convene, the development provides a compelling reason for professionals who work the standard 9-to-5 to extend their stay after hours. This makes it more than just an office space; it’s a destination where work and leisure converge, contributing to a lively, work-play-stay culture.

As we anticipate the completion of Campus 244, get ready to experience a seamless transition from workday to leisure in a space that encourages collaboration, creativity, and connectivity.

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