Perimeter Pursuit: Walk and Win With Local Scavenger Hunt

Perimeter Connects, the commuter and employer services program for the Perimeter district made possible by the Perimeter Community Improvement Districts (Perimeter CIDs), is kicking off a monthlong, community-wide walking scavenger hunt with a curious twist: a charming, 20-feet-wide, and 10-feet-tall inflatable goose.  

Dubbed “Perimeter Pursuit,” the walking initiative runs from March 25th to April 30th and encourages residents, workers, and visitors to explore the Perimeter district on foot using the Goosechase mobile app. 

This isn’t your average scavenger hunt–community members can keep their eyes peeled all month for “Peri”, a larger-than-life goose sporting a detective hat and magnifying glass, strategically placed throughout the district to greet participants of the Pursuit. Peri’s location will be revealed regularly on the Perimeter ATL social media channels (Instagram: @perimeter_atl). 

A Game to Enhance the Perimeter Experience 

Perimeter Pursuit aims to be more than just a fun activity; it’s an opportunity to connect with the Perimeter district and its vibrant communities, Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, and Brookhaven. 

“Our goal is to share a fun and unique experience grounded in all the interesting things about our area. We hope the program, and our giant inflatable goose, add a touch of whimsy and encourage people to break away from their routines and explore new corners of Perimeter.” 

Johann Weber, Program Director of Perimeter Connects

While the scavenger hunt mascot is sure to pique curiosity, the true highlight of the game lies in the Goosechase mobile app, which adds an interactive layer to the Perimeter experience. The app guides participants through over 50 missions, ranging from trivia to photo challenges, and other location-specific activities. Local businesses are also in on the fun, offering exclusive prizes–like refreshing treats from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams and Just Love Coffee–redeemable only through the app.  

But the rewards don’t stop there! By actively engaging with the missions, participants will accumulate points that enter them into a grand prize draw for an unforgettable staycation package in one of our three vibrant cities: Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, and Brookhaven.  

Pics or It Didn’t Happen: Find the Goose, Join the Fun 

To participate, community members can download the Goosechase mobile app from their app store. Once installed, simply enter the game code “PERIMETERPURSUIT” and let the fun begin. Participants are encouraged to use #PerimeterPursuit and tag @Perimeter_ATL to share their experiences and fun moments with “Peri” while walking the district.  

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