Ashford Dunwoody Path Hits Major Construction Milestones

Photo: Ashford Dunwoody Path Rendering and Progress Photo

The Ashford Dunwoody Path, which is currently being installed alongside Ashford Dunwoody Road between Hammond Drive and Mount Vernon Road, is nearing completion.

As of May 2024, all the new sidewalks and bike lanes that make up the path have been fully constructed, and new street lights for cyclists and pedestrians have been installed. The remaining work includes landscaping and constructing plazas at intersections. This final construction is expected to end later this year.

Multi-use Capabilities

The rebuilt path will consist of wider sidewalks and an elevated two-way bike path. Pedestrian/cyclists streetlights will promote safety and new landscaping will be created to make the path more pleasant, as well as to provide a large buffer between cyclists and motorists.

Connecting Two Worlds

The goal of the project is to connect office communities with business and residential areas along Ashford Dunwoody Road. It will also extend the reach of the Dunwoody MARTA station by making it easier for pedestrians or cyclists to travel from the station to their final destination; and finally, it helps take cars off the road by making cycling and walking a safer, more enjoyable experience.

The current construction connects to an existing portion of the path in front of the Lazy Dog Restaurant that was previously built as part of a rezoning agreement. It’s part of the larger Dunwoody Trail Master Plan, which lays out the city’s long-term goals for developing or improving 68 miles of trails. Funding is provided by the City of Dunwoody and Perimeter Community Improvement Districts (PCIDs).

Once this trail is completed, Perimeter residents and visitors will be able to travel this stretch of Ashford Dunwoody Road without having to rely on their cars. Instead, they’ll have the option to enjoy the neighborhood on foot or by bike, confident that there will be a safe, convenient route available to them.

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Key figures from the Dunwoody Police Department, Perimeter Community Improvement Districts, and the City of Dunwoody pose with the new Flock Safety Falcon license plate reader as part of their public safety technology initiative.
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