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The Transform 285/400 project, a 10.5-mile multi-year infrastructure improvement project from the Georgia Department of Transportation, has entered its final stages. This landmark investment, the largest of its kind in the state, is set to significantly enhance traffic flow and reduce congestion, marking a pivotal shift toward greater efficiency on our roads.


Of improved highway along ga-400 and i-285


Of collector distributor lanes created


Merge conflict areas within the interchange area


Investment from GDOT

Transform 285/400 So Far...

With years of meticulous planning and construction drawing to a close, the travel experience where Atlanta meets Perimeter is so much better. Seriously. Here’s a look at its progress so far.

285/400 interchange project checklist


PATH400 Greenway Trail Connection

What makes this project so special is it’s connection via the northernmost segment of PATH400 at I-285. While Sandy Springs is moving design and funding forward to connect with the existing trail in Buckhead, a dozen miles of trails are also in the works, connecting PATH400 to countless destinations like Perimeter Mall, Sandy Springs MARTA, City Springs, and beyond.

#PerimeterPretzel Puts a Local Twist on the Commute

Wonder what’s all the fuss with this “knot”-sense? Locally, the improved 285/400 Interchange has earned a fun nickname—Perimeter Pretzel—because its twisty design lends to the buttery-smooth travel flow. And here’s a little-known tidbit that makes this unofficial moniker extra fitting: Perimeter is home to GoTo Foods, the owner of everyone’s favorite pretzelmaker Auntie Anne’s.

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